Joseph El Maalouli


Ralph El Maalouli

Why did you create SFEV, the French Energy Renovation Company? So many companies today occupy the renovation market. Why this new company?

Joseph El Maalouli : for a simple reason: we found that in France, global renovation solutions including energy and economic objectives, and integrating all stages of design, or even financing, to delivery, did not exist.

We imagined SFEV as a complete service for the customer, whether he is a company or an individual. SFEV is both the design office, the company that will guarantee the proper installation of the equipment, its proper use, but it is also the company that will accompany the customer in all the administrative assembly of the project: with the various organizations, as with the banks. And that’s completely new.

A complete solution, very good. But what is your expertise, what is your experience?

Ralph El Maalouli : starting from the observation that there was no global offer of energy renovation, it was necessary to find innovative, ambitious and effective solutions: Joseph my father and Rachid my brother then joined me in this project by bringing their know-how, their experience, and their network of suppliers of advanced technologies.

Joseph El Maalouli : Yes, for twenty years I have been running a company that designs and manufactures dry power transformers (cast resin), which are more economical, more efficient, safer, quieter, and which emit far fewer microparticles than traditional oil transformers. These next-generation transformers power homes all over the world, including in Germany. For twenty years, therefore, all my research, all my action has been with the aim of reducing energy waste, risks and CO2 emissions, at all levels of the production of my plant. So I bring this culture of energy efficiency to SFEV. I also concretely bring material solutions with my historical industrial partners for the most efficient heat pumps, solar panels, home automation and electrical transformers.

And why in France, more specifically?

Ralph El Maalouli : because I have been living in France for twenty years. Because I have already created a company there and it is now my country.

Joseph El Maalouli : because we love France and we want to invest even more than investing in it! I love France and its landscapes, I love its nature, deeply. And investing in energy renovation is for me totally consistent with that.
And finally because I believe that France is one of the countries in the world that will best succeed in the energy transition, concretely, whether in factories or in individual homes. I travel a lot, all over the world, and few countries have so many government aid schemes, banking facilities, and at the same time some of the most eminent technicians in the field of solar panels in particular, and the most talented craftsmen.

Concretely, what do you do for the customer? For example, the owner of a detached house wants to use your services to renovate his home. What do you do?

Ralph El Maalouli : in the first place we make a complete diagnosis of his energy bill, in the broad sense: first of all his consumption habits (the temperature he wishes to have in winter in this or that room, his household appliances and their use, the inventory of all his electrical appliances, etc …). Then its heating method and its cost (we analyze its bills). We finally look at the quality of its insulation: walls, attic, floors, doors, windows.

Joseph El Maalouli : from this diagnosis we will be able to propose after a complete solution, adapted to the needs of the customer, to the comfort he desires. For example, if the orientation of the roof allows it, it will be possible to propose a system of energy production by solar panels that would supply the thermodynamic hot water tank. Combined with this system, the existing polluting and expensive fossil-energy heating system would be replaced by a latest generation CAP that would be grafted onto the existing radiator network. And all this would be driven by the customer’s smartphone and programmed to be the most efficient and the least energy-intensive.

Ralph El Maalouli : but that’s not all. We will also look for financing methods, aid, and establish a plan for amortization and profitability of the project with the client.

Joseph El Maalouli : yes, the customer is at the center of our concerns: we will build a complete offer around his needs, in compliance with his expectations. We will take care of the installation and ensure its proper functioning. And we’re going to save him money. Energy renovation is energy saving: it’s good for the planet and good for the wallet!

SFEV and green technologies

“Sustainability is rapidly becoming an imperative for the business world and individual stewardship. As a consumer, it is difficult to conceive of a prosperous future without a strong environment and society. At SFEV, we take ESG seriously and have worked tirelessly over the past 25 years to accelerate the adoption of green technologies in the electricity sector. Our footprint spans several geographical areas, where we design, manufacture and install environmentally friendly electrical appliances. SFEV is now taking up the challenge of revolutionizing solar energy and bringing it to every home and for our children and grandchildren. We look forward to embarking on this journey with all of you and leaving a better future.”

Rachid El Maalouli


Rachid El Maalouli is a seasoned management professional with 18 years of experience in the energy sector (head of operations at SETF), management consulting (he was recently a partner of McKinsey &Co), and startups (he is currently VP strategy and innovation at Swvl, a leading startup in public transport with a strong ESG angle)